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Purequosa's Coastal - travel 2 oz
Purequosa's Desert - travel 2 oz
Purequosa's Rain - travel 2 oz

Purequosa Travel Set with Colloidal Silver - (3) 2oz

Colloidal Silver to stop odor -

Ideal for quick clean-up between workout and work, curbside cleaning of the kids, or restoring your body and mind after a long flight, PQ cleanses naturally. Feels fresh, soothes your skin, and stops the stink.

Set includes (3) 2oz bottles - Coastal, Desert, and Rain

Benefits - Pure Ingredients
Colloidal Silver: Neutralizes odor.
Organic Plant Hydrosols and Organic Essential Oils: heal, nourish, hydrate and refresh.


Use on-the-go in place of a shower, to cleanse and refresh. Spray liberally on any area of the body. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

Store in a cool place. We recommend a small patch test on your skin and your clothes before use!