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Purequosa Rain

Rain 8oz

Promote healthy skin with Rain! We use the healing properties of plants to nourish and protect your skin. Cucumber, Aloe, and Tea Tree will help heal, soften, and nourish.

No yoga bag is complete without a bottle of Rain. Rain is great for uplifting your mental state, cooling off and refreshing after a session. Safe for cleaning your yoga mat!  
Our Rain scent is ideal for any situation - here are a few suggested uses.
- Purequosa Solution - 
Cyclist – Hikers – Runners – Skating - Yoga – Pilates – Barre
Rain Cleansing Body Spray.
Cooling | Healing | Hydrating 
Calms Sun/Wind Burns, Soothes skin
Rain Cleansing Body Spray | 8 oz - Colloidal Silver 
- Plant Hydrosols - Cucumber, Aloe, and Tea Tree
- Plant Essential Oil - Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)
     We recommend a small patch test on your skin and your clothes before use!