As You Are | 4oz Fun Loving


Don't let odor slow you down.

LEMON TEA TREE | SAGE - 4oz bottle

AS FUN LOVING AS YOU ARE  is fresh with a hint of mischief.

WHAT IS IT:  An active body spray with colloidal silver that targets and suffocates odor-causing bacteria.

HOW TO USE: Shake and spray on the face, neck, armpits and anywhere you want to feel uplifted and fresh.

You'll be rocking an odorless day

INGREDIENTS: Colloidal silver, Certified USDA organic: essential oils (cedarwood, lemon tea tree, and sage), plant hydrosols (aloe and eucalyptus), witch hazel, and vegetable glycerin.

Cruelty-free, no GMO. gluten-free, vegan, made in California

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