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PUREQUOSA began with a discussion on how to clean up after a long bike ride and before heading out to a work meeting. The thought of not "stinking" and how nice it would be to have a product that would allow you to "freshen up" and be an on-the-go product was constantly on the mind of Joe, the company's principal.

The term "shower-less" was discussed and long talks on how a product could be developed that would not only help a person with a busy lifestyle "freshen up," but how we could do our part to conserve water, and incorporate the important topic of skin health. The next logical step was to take the action of starting to build a pure, healthy product. 

PUREQUOSA is that unusual and inspiring product. With the abilities to "neutralize odor-causing bacteria", and promote healthy skin, PUREQUOSA is the ideal product for the active person on-the-go. PUREQUOSA offers pure cleansing that requires no additional water. 


Purequosa from Berlyn Komar on Vimeo.