Who We Are

HI, My name is Joe.

As the founder of Purequosa, I would like to share with you the skin benefits, and odor neutralizing ingredients that our product offers. These plant properties can truly create a difference in a person's life – whether active or inactive. I founded the concept based on a real need to keep moving. Staying active year round is hard enough. Making excuses like “don’t have time” are easy. I wanted to keep training despite a very busy business schedule. Being a former competitive cyclist while managing an active law firm created the selfish need to find a solution to my problem.

Purequosa is the solution that allows me to keep the balance between work and living a healthy lifestyle. The result of the product is nothing short of amazing. Purequosa is a unique cleansing body spray that nourishes the skin, fights odor-causing bacteria, and requires no additional water. The perfect on-the-go solution for yogis, bikers, CrossFit enthusiasts, and all other fit lifestyles, as well as those that struggle with the shower process, but want to stay fresh and clean.

One way to enjoy our product is to use it before, during and after your workout. Spray Purequosa liberally on yourself and see how your body welcomes the refreshing scent and skin nourishing properties. You will also notice how your body odor will disappear. A great companion for road trips, active people and an everyday go-to that will stop cross-contamination of germs around the gym and home.

Please take a moment and browse our website. Purequosa can be an everyday benefit to your activities and busy lifestyle.


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Suite C
San Clemente, CA 92673
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