Jessi Albin:
I absolutely wound up LOVING this stuff. I can't believe how good I smell in between classes and it makes my skin feel sooo divine!!  Also there aren't any strong fragrances. Which is important as I am in close contact as a Pilates and fitness instructor and heavy scents can overwhelm some sensitive noses. I've noticed less acne too!


Jeri of Rock-It Racing: 

I gave the Purequosa to the 1st male and female in both races, my assistant, and I’m using the Rain.  It was tested the day before the race when I was out at The Bluffs all day and on race day when I didn’t even take a shower.  I really like the scent of Rain, the feel of it on my skin, and I did notice a difference with no odor.  My running tights, shorts, and tops usually get pretty smelly (I know, gross) by the end of a full day in them, but not as much with Purequosa.  Once out of them, my skin felt fresh.  My assistant, who is also my cousin, used Desert yesterday morning when we were out checking a new course. He had to go to work afterward.  He said once out of his running clothes, his skin and usual trouble areas felt great. 

I ran today and used Rain before the run.  I have not taken a shower and will not take one today.  Once out of my running clothes, I didn't feel like I needed a shower.  The only problem is my hair which gets soaked from sweat, but it dries out soon enough. 


Ryan Foland: 

A bottle that you spray instead of taking a shower? Huh? That was my first reaction when I first heard about Purequosa. I am a pretty skeptical guy but I am open to trying new things. I got a sample bottle, and it smells good and is refreshing, but more than that I have found a rad use for it. I love yoga, and I am a big fan of using my lunch hour to take a class. I find that most yoga studios do not have showers. This is a problem. When I learned that Purequosa was supposed to be a "shower supplement" of sorts, I was interested. I go to MixxYoga, which does not have a shower, but that does not bother me anymore. I spray with Purequosa before I take the class, and then afterward. And I am able to go back to work without being stinky. It totally solves a problem that I have, and I find myself using it in other ways too. Like spraying down my steering wheel. And giving a few sprays to the face when I feel 3 pm approaching and I want a coffee or Redbull but know I shouldn't have one. So long story short, my initial "Huh" has turned into wanting to share this product with my friends and family. It doesn't hurt that I am also big into green and sustainable solutions. I am able to skip a couple showers here and there, and it makes me feel good about doing my part to conserve water. If you are a skeptic like me, check it out. You might get just as excited as I am about it.  


Don Elvin Cold: 

I started using Purequosa on a recommendation of a family member. I was skeptical at first but after using it on a regular basis over the last month, I am sold. I use it as a substitute for my deodorant and it has never let me down.