Shower Yourself


What do you mean "Shower yourself with PQ?"

Purequosa was created with the intention of saving water, and having the convenience of being able to freshen up on-the-go when racing home to take a shower is just not an option.
You can use Purequosa to skip that extra shower when you have a light workout; run, yoga, walk or just need to smell clean when heading to your next meeting.

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Here are what some other customers have to say about the product -

" I started using Purequosa on a recommendation of a family member. I was skeptical at first but after using it on a regular basis over the last month, I am sold. I use it as a substitute for my deodorant and it has never let me down." - DC


" A bottle that you spray instead of taking a shower? Huh? That was my first reaction when I first heard about Purequosa. I am a pretty skeptical guy but I am open to trying new things. I got a sample bottle, and it smells good and is refreshing, but more than that I have found a rad use for it. I love yoga, and I am a big fan of using my lunch hour to take a class. I find that most yoga studios do not have showers. This is a problem. When I learned that Purequosa was supposed to be a "shower supplement" of sorts, I was interested. I go to MixxYoga, which does not have a shower, but that does not bother me any more. I spray with Purequosa before I take class, and then afterwards. And I am able to go back to work with out being stinky. It totally solves a problem that I have, and I find myself using it in other ways too. Like spraying down my steering wheel. And giving a few sprays to the face when I feel 3pm approaching and I want a coffee or Redbull but know I shouldn't have one. So long story short, my initial "Huh" has turned into wanting to share this product with my friends and family. It doesn't hurt that I am also big into green and sustainable solutions. I am able to skip a couple showers here and there, and it makes me feel good about doing my part to conserve water. If you are a skeptic like me, check it out. You might get just as excited as I am about it." - RF


"I have been very familiar with the benefits of colloidal silver for many years. In fact, I have used it on my children for pink eye and ear aches since they were young. I was excited to try it as an all over body spray and I found I use it for everything - my hands, doors, and anywhere I want to neutralize germs. I love the scents and can't go through a day without using it!" - JL


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Shower Yourself with Purequosa!

Did you know that a bottle of Purequosa features a powerful arsenal of cleansing, skin nourishing, and deodorizing benefits for your skin? 

Active ingredients like Yucca, Eucalyptus, Aloe and Sage; powerful with antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties can change the way your everyday lifestyle looks.