live consciously with PQ

Colloidal Silver


Purequosa - pronounced (pure-kwo-sa)
The name means pure origin.

We believe in living consciously and creating products that are beneficial to the skin and general health. Purequosa uses pure ingredients with no unnecessary fillers or synthetic preservatives. Colloidal silver, plant hydrosols, and essential oils. Small-batched by hand in San Clemente, California.

What is Purequosa (PQ)?

PQ is a natural cleansing body spray that helps nourish and hydrate the skin while neutralizing odor-causing bacteria. The perfect companion for post workout, travel, and anytime you want to feel fresh and smell good.

How do I use Purequosa?

Purequosa is most effective when applied before and after a workout. Directly spray and go on any part of your body - we suggest hands, face, neck, sweat zones, and don't forget your feet! PQ is gentle enough to use on the kids and pets too.

How does PQ work?

PQ's powerful active ingredient is colloidal silver and known to be a natural way to stop bacteria growth. Many of the essential oils and plant hydrosols have inherent antibacterial properties, as well.

What is colloidal silver?

Pure silver (.999%) from a silver bar or wire is transferred into the water and suspended. These tiny particles are then permanently suspended with an electrical charge keeping the silver from bunching in clumps. Brownian motion is known as the random motion of particles that are suspended in a fluid and resulting from the fast-moving atoms which are not colliding. These tiny particles are always moving in the spinning water and suspended indefinitely because of the positive electrical charge.

How does colloidal silver benefit your health?

In simple terms - colloidal silver near a pathogen, virus, fungi, or bacteria starves the oxygen-metabolism enzyme of air. Silver suffocates the pathogen, and it dies. PQ is a natural solution for combating odor on the skin. 

What is a plant hydrosol?

Hydrosols, also known as floral waters, and hydroflorates, are products from steam distilling plant materials for separating the plant's oils. The essential oil rises through a condenser, and the nutrient-rich steam/water is left behind. Hydrosols offer the same benefits of the plant in a gentler strength.