Active | Pits + Privates | 3oz Lemon Tea Tree/Sage


LEMON TEA TREE | SAGE - 3oz bottle

Your on-the-go odor solution.

Toss Pits+Privates in your bag and use throughout the day to feel clean and fresh.

WHAT IS IT: Natural deodorizing body spray with colloidal silver that targets and suffocates odor-causing bacteria.

HOW TO USE: Shake, spray sweat zones and neck to feel uplifted and fresh.

INGREDIENTS: Colloidal Silver, Witch Hazel*, Plant Hydrosols (Aloe*, Eucalyptus*), Essential Oils (Cedarwood*, Lemon Tea Tree*, Sage*), Vegetable Glycerin*
*Certified USDA Organic

Cruelty-free, no GMO. gluten-free, vegan

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