Movin' Livin' Smellin' Good

On the mend Set (2)

On the mend, products are ideal for supporting and comforting the body, naturally. Try Recovery to soothe muscles and aches after a long day or workout, and re-energize with Energy when feeling sluggish in the day.

Energy helps to stimulate the mind and energize the body. This natural spray uses orange, lemon, tea tree and spearmint essential oils to create a gentle and refreshing space to awaken the spirit. Smells like orange and spearmint.

Recovery is restoring and soothing for the body. Promoting recovery with natures aspirin - wintergreen, this blend is cooling upon application to ease aches and recommended for after a workout. Warm, comforting tones of cedarwood, ginger, and aloe with colloidal silver for skin health and healing. Smells like cedar and wintergreen.