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  • 4 steps for beautiful skin all summer

    4 steps for beautiful skin all summer

    [6.6 Minute Read] Summer is finally here! As much as we love our summer, it tends to impact our skin in a less desirable way.  The heat, sun, and dehydration often cause our skin to look and feel dry and tired. This year, by incorporating a few simple steps into your daily routine, no matter where you are,  you can help keep your skin hydrated and nourished. Goal - clear, plump skin that will help you look fresh! Time - Results should be visible within a week.Easy ways to hydrate the skin - Drink water, coconut water, and aloe vera Misting...

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  • 6 solutions to smell better

    6 solutions to smell better

    6.6 Minute Read | Smelling clean and pleasing is at the top of the personal hygiene list for most. The adages, “you are what you eat” and “you only get one chance to make a first impression” ring true when it comes to our scent. Smelling good naturally, is a relatively easy accomplishment. There are healthier and longer lasting alternatives to fresh hygiene than to spray perfume that will only "cover" the smell and not cure the root of the problem.Here are a few practical solutions for smelling clean and feeling fresh after a workout and during the day.One - Eat...

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  • Meet the Plant Eucalyptus - Skin Health

    Meet the Plant Eucalyptus - Skin Health

    The powerful medicinal benefits of the tree, originally from Australia, has become a common name in today's household. In our last article, Meet the Plant - Eucalyptus, we learned that the introduction of the Eucalyptus trees to California was for the need of locally sustainable lumber during the booming Gold Rush era. Although the initial plans for this tree were not successful as the wood was not suited for building or railroad ties, it was useful for wind protection and the unlimited personal uses. Eucalyptus has been a valuable asset as a healing plant assisting with skin wounds, insect irritations, acne and...

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  • Meet The Plant - Eucalyptus

    Meet The Plant - Eucalyptus

    This month we will be talking about the eucalyptus tree (scientifically classified as Eucalyptus Globulus) and the health benefits of the essential oil. The eucalyptus tree is beloved by the koala for afternoon snacks and naps. The eucalyptus originated between 35 and 50 million years ago in Australia. During the past few centuries, the tree has been moved to other parts of the world including India, Europe, South Africa, and America, the birthplace of Purequosa. In the 1850s, the Australians introduced eucalyptus trees to America during the California Gold Rush. By the early 1900s, acres of eucalyptus existed due to...

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  • Travel tips for a clean and healthier arrival

    Travel tips for a clean and healthier arrival

    Traveling with Purequosa (PQ) is a must! There is no better way to stay fresh and clean than to spritz yourself with PQ while traveling. Traveling can be hard, and PQ can make it easier with these simple tips. Hands - When hot, soapy water is not available, try a few sprays of PQ to clean up. Hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and yucca offer skin nourishment for combating dry skin. Today's favorite anti-bacterial products contain alcohol which is drying to the skin and further adding to the common problem of dehydration during travel. Face - Keeping your face fresh...

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  • Meet the Plant Clary Sage - Recipes

    Meet the Plant Clary Sage - Recipes

    We end our Clary sage series with some practical recipes that you can make at home. We have learned that Clary sage is sometimes referred to as a "women's herb" because of the grounding, relaxing effect it has on a women's emotional and menstrual functions. It provides comfort and ease and can even cool hot flashes by simply inhaling the essential oil. Enjoy these recipes for skin care. ______________________________________________ Featured product using Clary sage + We believe in living consciously at Purequosa and bringing you products that are beneficial to your skin and general health. Rain Cleansing SprayWe use 5 ingredients in...

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