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  • Clean beauty with Purequosa's cleansing spray with colloidal silver

    The Meaning of Clean Beauty

    2.5 minutes read |What does the #cleanbeauty term mean? There is a current movement where many people are taking a stand and paying attention to what chemicals are going on and into their bodies. People are seeking answers to the question, what is considered clean and toxic for the skin and body?It is shocking to read about the personal care industry in America, and how it is massively unregulated. Companies are primarily free to put any ingredient into products and with no government oversight. Toxic chemicals that include known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors are in face wash, shampoo, mascara and...

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  • Back to school skin care tips

    Back to school skin care tips

    360 words |  1.5 minutes read Back to school is here, and the fall season around the corner. Summer is over, temperatures are cooling, and different busy starts - what can this do to the skin?Here are a few helpful skin care tips for the household - all ages. Heaters and cooler weather can dry and cause cracking in the skin. Bacteria causes flare-ups and busy after school schedules can create less time for daytime skin care. Purequosa (PQ) offers a chemical free way to cleanse the skin, in particular for teenagers.Start with the bed -Washing bed linens frequently are...

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  • Meet the Plant - Sage

    Meet the Plant - Sage

    347 words | 2.75 minutes readSage, admired for centuries for its medicinal abilities as well as culinary uses. Salvia officinalis also called common sage is closely related to the rosemary plant, and part of the mint family. Sage is recognizable by its soft and sometimes silvery colored leaves. The aroma is pungent especially when fresh. In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans revered the plant and used sage in special gathering ceremonies. In the 10th century, Arabian healers believed that eating the plant would offer immortality, and Europeans centuries later used it to protect from evil and witchcraft. Native Americans...

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  • Meet the plant yucca - skin health

    Meet the plant yucca - skin health

    The Yucca is a plant that offers a variety of benefits to the skin. Fibers in the root are rich in the vitamins A, B, and C along with calcium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, and phosphorus. Yucca has soothing and calming properties which have been used medicinally to relieve inflammation from arthritis. Polyphenols, including resveratrol which helps the skin to fight damage from the sun and free-radicals. A natural cell regenerating ingredient, yucca works to support skin health and promotes regrowth of cells. Native Americans refer to the yucca as a "soap root" plant due to the natural lathering and...

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  • Meet the Plant - Yucca

    Meet the Plant - Yucca

    [3.7 Minute Read] The beloved yucca is a perennial shrub and tree that graces the desert landscape. Recognizable by the barb-like leaves and beautiful stalks filled with lily-like white or yellow flowers that extend tall from the plant. Early settlers to the New Mexico region gave the name "Lamps of God" to the yucca for the beautiful display of flowering stalks. On March 14, 1927, the Yucca was suggested by school children to be the official state flower of New Mexico.An iconic symbol of the Desert, the Joshua Tree is part of the yucca family, formally known as Asparagaceae and has...

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  • The Benefits of Colloidal Silver

    The Benefits of Colloidal Silver

    2.3 Minute Read | Colloidal silver is fast becoming a household product. The tiny particles permanently suspended with an electrical charge in water, offer many healing benefits alongside halting odor-causing bacteria growth.The mystery behind the natural bacteria fighting solution is coming into focus, and people are better understanding the significant benefits this particle silver can offer.What exactly is colloidal silver? Pure silver (99.999%) from a silver bar is transferred into the water and suspended. These tiny particles are then permanently suspended with an electrical charge keeping the silver from bunching in clumps. Brownian motion is known as the random motion of...

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