Meet the plant yucca - skin health

Meet the plant yucca - skin health

The Yucca is a plant that offers a variety of benefits to the skin. Fibers in the root are rich in the vitamins A, B, and C along with calcium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, and phosphorus.

Yucca has soothing and calming properties which have been used medicinally to relieve inflammation from arthritis. Polyphenols, including resveratrol which helps the skin to fight damage from the sun and free-radicals. A natural cell regenerating ingredient, yucca works to support skin health and promotes regrowth of cells.

Native Americans refer to the yucca as a "soap root" plant due to the natural lathering and saponin qualities. Yucca can be used for deep cleaning and to detoxify the skin. The scalp and hair can also benefit from the calming and softening effect from the saponins in the plant.

Yucca has been used traditionally for:

– Cleansing and detoxifying
– Anti-inflammatory support
– Skin anti-aging and sensitivity
– Arthritis relief
– Skin cell regeneration
– Dry scalp and dandruff
– Soothing painful joints
– Healing surface skin cuts and scratches

Yucca extract can be very beneficial to cleanse and hydrate the skin. Yucca hydrosol is gentle for sensitive skin and one of the ingredients in Purequosa's Desert blend. Desert can be used as a face toner/cleanser to assist in oily or acne prone skin. Try Desert as a toner after washing the face and then add a moisturizer.

Pq's Desert is great for both men and women!

Yucca is available online and in most health food stores in supplements, hydrosols, gels, powders, shampoo, and extracts.

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