Travel tips for a clean and healthier arrival

Travel tips for a clean and healthier arrival

Traveling with Purequosa (PQ) is a must! There is no better way to stay fresh and clean than to spritz yourself with PQ while traveling. Traveling can be hard, and PQ can make it easier with these simple tips.

Hands -

When hot, soapy water is not available, try a few sprays of PQ to clean up. Hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and yucca offer skin nourishment for combating dry skin. Today's favorite anti-bacterial products contain alcohol which is drying to the skin and further adding to the common problem of dehydration during travel.

Face -

Keeping your face fresh and clean is important to prevent breakouts and skin irritations. Purequosa's Rain and Desert are ideal for your face. Tea tree, aloe, and yucca have properties that help hydrate naturally and clean away oil and dirt. Don’t forget to close your eyes when spraying your face.

Body -

PQ sprays are pleasant, uplifting and natural. The fresh scent does not linger on your clothes or body making them ideal for any situation. Perfect for those with scent sensitivity or in close quarters. PQ is a little shower in a bottle and convenient when you are in a hurry and on-the-go. PQ will also help to refresh old smelling clothing.

Mind -

A positive mindset can make or break your travel day. Being mindful of how your body is adjusting to time changes and flight patterns are essential for proper rest and stamina. Purequosa's Coastal features sage which is known to lift your energy and spirits.

Surroundings -

PQ can be used on all the surfaces around you, including headrests, and armrests. A favorite method is spraying off the airplane tray table. The colloidal silver is known to be anti-bacterial, offering a cleaner surface.

The Purequosa travel set includes Coastal, Desert, and Rain in 2 oz bottles. Perfect for your carry-on.

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