The Benefits of Colloidal Silver

The Benefits of Colloidal Silver

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Colloidal silver is fast becoming a household product. The tiny particles permanently suspended with an electrical charge in water, offer many healing benefits alongside halting odor-causing bacteria growth.

The mystery behind the natural bacteria fighting solution is coming into focus, and people are better understanding the significant benefits this particle silver can offer.

What exactly is colloidal silver?
Pure silver (99.999%) from a silver bar is transferred into the water and suspended. These tiny particles are then permanently suspended with an electrical charge keeping the silver from bunching in clumps. Brownian motion is known as the random motion of particles that are suspended in a fluid and resulting from the fast-moving atoms. These tiny particles are always moving in the spinning water and suspended indefinitely because of the positive electrical charge.

Why is colloidal silver healthy for you?

- Has been recognized for centuries to halt bacteria growth
- Aids in cleaning minor scrapes, scratches and skin irritations
- Topical colloidal silver stops odor on the skin without drying chemicals

Mainstream awareness and media have helped clear the colloidal silver name from being an obscure, holistic treatment to a household name. Purequosa products use colloidal silver as an external, skin cleansing solution.

Holistic Doctors Mercola and Axe talk about the powerful, healing abilities and celebrities are jumping on the colloidal train with spraying to stop germ contamination on planes when traveling. (hint: goop).

Natural remedies are on the rise and proving themselves to be a healthier option for preventative health care.

Pureqousa uses colloidal silver as the active ingredient in their active body sprays. 

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