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Top 3 Benefits of using Purequosa.

 1. The power punch of colloidal silver

 Here are several ways that colloidal silver can support your skin health.

- Antiviral
- Antibacterial
- Antimicrobial
- Anti-inflammatory
- Skin health and wound care

Purequosa uses colloidal silver as the main active ingredient. We chose this ingredient for its powerful ability to naturally limit the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses. Colloidal silver consists of microscopic particles of pure silver (.999%) that are suspended in purified water by an electrical charge. Colloidal silver has a long history of acting as an effective anti-bacterial for centuries and is currently being used in hospitals in multiple ways, including wound care bandages and as a coating on breathing tubes, catheters, and other devices. Purequosa offers a safer and purer way to kill bacteria. Our product also promotes healthy skin and is easy to incorporate into an active lifestyle!

2. The healing properties of plants

Plants have been used for centuries to heal and aid with a wide variety of ailments. Common supplements of plants in our diets today are tea, herbs, and spices.

Hydrosols are the fragrant water that is the byproduct of making essential oils. This plant rich water is filled with particles of plant matter in fluid form.

 Here are the benefits of what our selected hydrosols offer –

- Yucca Hydrosol – Heals wounds and prevents skin damage.
- Eucalyptus Hydrosol – Antibacterial and deodorizing.
- Cucumber Hydrosol – Softens skin and helps heal wounds and sunburns.
- Aloe Hydrosol – Burn and acne relief.
- Tea Tree Hydrosol – Antibacterial and rash relief.
- Cistus Essential Oil – Helps heal wounds and restores skin. 
- Clary Sage Essential Oil – Antibacterial, antiseptic, deodorizing, skin moisturizing. 
- Sage Essential Oil – Disinfectant and skin restoring.

 3. It is good for the environment and an incredible way to be kind to our planet!

The product we created is pure; containing no harmful or irritating chemicals and with the intention of limiting the excess use of water.

- One person alone can save 5,172 gallons of water by replacing one shower a day with Purequosa!
- Free from alcohol and chemicals that are harmful to you and the planet.
- Small batched and handmade with no mass production in big factories.

Recent research suggests that over showering may be harmful to the body’s natural biome.

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