small changes = big rewards

small changes = big rewards

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Everyone in the wellness community is talking about clean beauty, gut health, and how yoga can help create meaningful space in our daily life.

We have heard that lasting beauty comes from below the skin layer and that aging can be slowed to a crawl if we eat the right foods and add the right supplements.

There is an upshift in holistic awareness in the modern marketplace. Each year the release of new information about the toxicity in our food and beauty products; retail stores are including significant areas in their aisles for organic and chemical-free products. Some big chains like CVS are banning over 600 chemicals nationwide from their beauty products. That is good news for the everyday person that is wanting to use purer products in their household.

New eating trends to reduce inflammation and awareness of hormone disruptors have become common topics and the gateway for a flood of new natural products in the wellness market. Ingredient transparency, fewer chemicals and easy DIY recipes using raw and whole foods are readily available with a few finger clicks.

All of this information can be overwhelming at times and not knowing how to filter through what is a trend, what is the truth, and what should I add to my health routine can make a person wonder where to start.

Small changes can make significant shifts.

I once had an ex-boyfriend tell me about the power of being five degrees off when boating to Catalina Island. He would use the example of overshooting the island by miles if we consistently were five degrees off in our navigating. That was a powerful moment for my brain and the developing awareness of making positive and long-term changes in my life. Think about it, when we make small choices to do something different, over time it becomes a new way of living. Possibly a less painful and consistent approach to a mindful lifestyle and the creation of new habits.

Can it be that easy to make lasting changes for our well-being?
The answer is yes.

Each day if we use one less harmful product, or eat one less hamburger, or stop after the first cup of coffee, we can create changes that are empowering and lasting.

Our bodies are only as healthy as what we eat and put on our skin. The skin is the most significant organ in the body and an ideal place to start. 60% of what we rub on ourselves is absorbed into the bloodstream and filtered through organs. Some beauty products use fillers that help penetrate much deeper for more absorption. Reading labels and easy to understand ingredients can create a massive shift in the skin's appearance and general health.

Essential oils are a powerful way to restore and cleanse everything from the kitchen counter to balancing hormones. There is information online for each oil and how to properly use them. We always suggest using them sparingly as they are strong and follow the instructions on the bottle.

Here at Purequosa, we have combined a few of our favorite oils; cedarwood, grapefruit, lavender, lemon tea tree, marjoram, orange, and sage along with plant hydrosols and germ-busting colloidal silver to create a healthy option to combat odor on the skin. Colloidal silver has natural bacteria stopping properties and compliments the selected essential oils and hydrosols for cleansing and hydrating abilities.

Next time you are in the beauty section of a store, look at the ingredients of some products. Google them and see if they are good for your health. The beauty industry is still unregulated and allows the use of nasty chemicals for stabilizing and preserving products. For example, the ingredient "perfume" can be many chemicals together, and legally they do not have to disclose what they are. Ingredient education can quickly become a routine for proactive health care and the start of lasting beauty.

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