Our Favorite Holiday Travel Tips to Keep You Stress-Free...

Our Favorite Holiday Travel Tips to Keep You Stress-Free...

With Thanksgiving only 22 days away (oh my!)... the holidays are officially upon us. If you plan to spend the holidays out-of-town with your family and friends, the stress of the travel can be a heavy weight. Fret not, we've gathered team's favorite travel tips to help keep you sane and happy, it's the most wonderful time of the year after all!



Abby: Vitamin C gummies and hand sanitizer are my best friends when traveling. 

Brianna: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I always double my water intake on travel days. I also try to avoid ordering a cup of coffee or tea on the airplane… those pots are bacteria breeding grounds!

Georgeta: Take along an empty water bottle to refill after getting through security at the airport. Most airports have water fountains and that will save you the $5 you have to spend on any small bottle at their stores.

Jenna: Simple acts of kindness - let someone merge in front of you, buy someone a coffee, help someone who looks like they need assistance… let your kindness be contagious.

Joe: Pack Light. Slow Down.

Leah: Pack clothing that can be used for different events and outings. Choose clothing colors that can be combined Easily with each other. Blacks and grays work well with most colors. Choose shoes that are versatile for walking going out and lounging.

Rhaiah: Always pack snacks so you don't get tempted to buy the overly priced airport food (lol).

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