Meet the Plant - Sage

Meet the Plant - Sage

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Sage, admired for centuries for its medicinal abilities as well as culinary uses. Salvia officinalis also called common sage is closely related to the rosemary plant, and part of the mint family. Sage is recognizable by its soft and sometimes silvery colored leaves. The aroma is pungent especially when fresh.

In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans revered the plant and used sage in special gathering ceremonies. In the 10th century, Arabian healers believed that eating the plant would offer immortality, and Europeans centuries later used it to protect from evil and witchcraft. Native Americans burned sage in ceremonies for celebrations, believing that burning the leaves of the sacred plant had the ability to carry prayers and messages up to the heavens. Today, modern-day Shamans and energy healers burn dried sage to shift and cleanse the energy in a room or workplace.

Sage used as medicine has been well-documented, and research shows that the impact on the body can be considerable.

Benefits of sage to the body -

- Increases cognitive function
- Helps with inflammation
- Antioxidant
- Immune system repair
- Increases bone strength
- Balances skin conditions
- Digestion aid
- Eases menopausal symptoms

Rosmarinic acid is the compound found in sage and rosemary with benefits of being an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and boosts cognitive function. This acid prevents the activation of immune responder cells which cause swelling and fluid formation.

Sage, when used as a cooking herb, tastes great and offers the benefits of killing bacteria in meat. Adding leaves to hot water creates a tea to ease depression, improve hair health, promote weight loss and help with hot flashes in menopausal women.

Purequosa's Coastal uses sage essential oil in its proprietary blend. The smell of Coastal is clean and uplifting. Sage, eucalyptus, yucca, and aloe create a nourishing cleansing spray for your skin.

Simple, pure, healthy ingredients for the skin. That is our promise.

Purequosa (PQ) believes in living consciously and creating products that are beneficial to the skin and general health. PQ uses pure ingredients without unnecessary fillers or synthetic and drying preservatives.

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