Meet the Plant Eucalyptus - Skin Health

Meet the Plant Eucalyptus - Skin Health

The powerful medicinal benefits of the tree, originally from Australia, has become a common name in today's household. In our last article, Meet the Plant - Eucalyptus, we learned that the introduction of the Eucalyptus trees to California was for the need of locally sustainable lumber during the booming Gold Rush era. Although the initial plans for this tree were not successful as the wood was not suited for building or railroad ties, it was useful for wind protection and the unlimited personal uses. 

Eucalyptus has been a valuable asset as a healing plant assisting with skin wounds, insect irritations, acne and as a cold remedy.

Eucalyptus oil is widely used today for first-aid purposes. The oil has proven beneficial for the treatment of cuts, scratches, blisters, and bruises. The essential oil has anti-fungal properties which help nail fungus, skin infections and can promote follicle stimulation when using on the scalp.

Eucalyptus oil can be beneficial in daily skin care for people with oily complexions with reoccurring skin eruptions from acne.

Tip + For an effective homemade mixture, mix 3 or 4 drops of eucalyptus essential oil with 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar. Water can be added to dilute if it is too strong for your skin. This recipe can be used daily to manage and prevent acne breakouts. Dab the mixture on a cotton ball and use as a morning and evening cleanser.

Eucalyptus oil can aid in the prevention and healing of many insect bites. Eucalyptus provides a natural antiseptic that offers quick relief for the itchiest of bites. The antiseptic qualities of eucalyptus make it one of the best oils at reducing the chance of infection. Studies have demonstrated that eucalyptus oil applied regularly can be as effective as DEET in repelling insects. A fantastic natural alternative!

When the air temp is at its highest in the middle of summer, eucalyptus oil can offer quick cooling to your body. Try spraying your face and body with Purequosa's (PQ) Desert to help cool down and freshen up. While you are cooling off PQ's Desert will also be nourishing and moisturizing your skin.

Eucalyptus is a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory. These combined properties are effective for aiding pain relief. Sore muscles? Try adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a carrier oil (Jojoba, Almond, or Grapeseed) for a soothing massage oil that can help with tendon sprains and muscle pain.

Eucalyptus oil can be helpful when placed in a room diffuser during the cold or allergy season. Doing this can open up your sinuses and help control your cough, while also helping you heal.

Tip + Add couple drops of eucalyptus oil to a bowl of rocks in the corner of your shower to instantly enjoy the refreshing feeling of eucalyptus. Your chest and sinuses will be grateful. (The disinfectant properties will also help kill bacteria and germs in the air),

Warnings of Eucalyptus oil -
According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, topical use of eucalyptus oil is nontoxic. Do not use if you have asthma, as the oil can trigger asthma attacks. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid eucalyptus oil. Never apply eucalyptus oil directly to the nostrils, as it is highly poisonous. Eucalyptus oil is toxic if taken internally. Seek immediate medical help if you accidentally swallow the oil.

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