Meet the plant sage - skin health

Meet the plant sage - skin health

We learned that the sage plant or common sage is a plant with many benefits when taken internally and externally.

Sage is rich in beta-carotene; the compound that helps promote eye health, and responsible for the color pigment in carrots. Sage has been known to improve depression and increase mental alertness. Sage has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries as a treatment for dementia.

Sage leaves are burned and used in Native American and Shamanic ceremonies for purification and the cleansing of negative energy. Today, Sage is commonly used in meditation rituals and in yoga studios to promote relaxation and for centering of the mind.

Using sage essential oil in your skin care routine can be an easy addition. Sage essential oil can help with skin regeneration which is rich in vitamin A and calcium. Sage has antioxidants that combat free radicals known to cause wrinkles, fine lines, and aging.

The Sage plant offers the following benefits:

1. Anti-inflammatory properties
Sage is a potent anti-inflammatory and can help treat inflammation and mouth irritations; sore throats, mouth disease, and ulcers.

2. Naturally shiny hair and helps darken grey hairs
Did you know that a cup of sage tea can add shine to your hair? Yes, it can. Just make an extra cup of tea and use as a rinse next time you wash your hair. Add rosemary to the tea for covering grey hair naturally, repeat for better results.

3. Helps reduce sweating
Sage is an antihydrotic herb which helps with reducing excessive sweating. It can also treat hot flashes, night sweats and during workouts.

4. Sage tea is supportive for digestion
Sage tea is calming and soothes indigestion, helping to stimulate the digestive system.

5. Sage tea as a skin toner
Sage has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties and this is beneficial to the skin. To help reduce inflammation and acne outbursts, try using as a skin toner after washing the face. (PQ's Coastal blend used Sage essential oil and blended with colloidal silver for a natural face toner.)

9. Women-friendly
Sage has plant constituents that help to relieve bloating, discomfort from a heavy flow, and stimulates the brain from fog caused during menses. Drinking regular tea can also regulate cycles and decrease spotting between periods.

In short, this fabulous herb helps in keeping your skin younger, radiant, and flawless.


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