In the beginning ...

In the beginning ...


The Founder of Purequosa - Joe Rodarti

Meet Joe Rodarti, the founder and visionary behind the brand, Purequosa. Purequosa is the solution that allows active people to keep the balance between work and living a healthy lifestyle. The result of the product is nothing short of amazing.

Let's ask him a few questions about the product he created and how it can be a valuable addition to your active lifestyle.

First, let us start with the name and how you pronounce it – Pure-quo [kwoh]-sa.

Please tell us about your journey into holistic living.

I always have multiple things going on. As a busy lawyer, businessman, husband, father and athlete, I desire to stay healthy. To be fair, my father blended “health shakes” using raw ingredients even before Shaklee came around. They were awful tasting, but the bug for health was passed on down. I also marvel at this place we call Earth. That also was passed down from my parents. We hiked and camped a lot. No fancy boutique hotels in my youth; just plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

When did you decide that you wanted to make a product that you could share with others?

I have always dabbled in different ways of looking at things and thus different solutions for the issues on my plate. My brain likes to help figure out solutions to avoid the problems in the first place. I know that we have to get to the cause before we can efficiently find a solution. Easy, quick fixes seldom work. I enjoy finding solutions, and there are plenty of issues out there to keep me busy.

What is your plan for Purequosa?

The product has endless uses. My marketing people focus on a market but then tell me all of the time another use for it. I see it not only on all of Earth but on the flights to Mars and beyond. Did you know that those airline trays don’t get cleaned that often and contain a good amount of bacteria (and not the good kind)? It’s hydrating, too!

 What would you like to say to the community about your product and why they should try it?

Just this morning I was on the Peloton bike. I sprayed it on the bars, seat, and the tension knob and didn’t think twice about the state of the bike afterward. After an interval, I sprayed some on my face. It invigorated me for the next interval. I also didn’t sweat as much as I sometimes do as today’s effort was more focused on recovery (from yesterday’s [Sunday’s] ridiculous effort), so I PQ’ed myself afterward and avoided using a few gallons of water. Here in SoCal, that’s important. I was ready for my conference call with time to grab a cup of joe. Not bad. We make it by hand in small batches with pure organic and of the earth stuff.

Your product has a multi-use approach - can you share how you use the product in your busy daily life?

Besides the methods just described, I start my day with several sprays all over my body, with a few extra to my face. It’s a good feel. I then spray it on the clothes that I will wear for my morning workout (especially in the armpit area). If I’m riding my bike, I spray it in my helmet and use the Rain scent in my cycle shoes (it has Tea Tree in it which is an anti-fungal). I take our 2oz bottle with me in my jersey pocket to use during a stop light break. We just came up with a citrus scent because I wanted to feel fresh during some of the long meetings/calls I have to attend. I spray it during these times instead of putting more caffeine in my body. I also like to take a walk in the late afternoon to think about issues I’m being paid to figure out. I spray it before and after. I also spray it in my shoes afterward. I learned recently that I could avoid a wash of my activewear if I spray it on it after a mild workout. This makes a lot of sense to me for a lot of reasons.

Joe Rodarti

[Joe Rodarti (middle) with Tyler Hamilton - former professional road bicycle racer]


Thanks Joe for sharing about yourself, your daily activity and how your product, Purequosa keeps you going!

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