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The Meaning of Clean Beauty

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What does the #cleanbeauty term mean? There is a current movement where many people are taking a stand and paying attention to what chemicals are going on and into their bodies. People are seeking answers to the question, what is considered clean and toxic for the skin and body?

It is shocking to read about the personal care industry in America, and how it is massively unregulated. Companies are primarily free to put any ingredient into products and with no government oversight. Toxic chemicals that include known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors are in face wash, shampoo, mascara and more.

Greenwashing is a term used in marketing using words like natural, green, and eco-friendly that have no enforceable definition. Meaning, companies product labels do not necessarily reflect all of the ingredients inside.

Luxurious products that smell divine and foundations that help the skin look flawless are causing trauma in people's bodies; fatigue, allergic reactions, immune issues, and disease.

Product awareness and education that people understand is changing shoppers mentality towards big name products. There is a demand that the food industry discloses ingredients on packaging, it is time to take the same stance with everyday beauty products.

Significant changes are being made to stay away from certain chemicals. Reading labels in today's marketplace should become a daily practice. Ingredients like Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, Parfum, and Dimethicone, are just a few to watch.

When shopping for healthy products, don't take the word "organic" at face value, check to make sure that the product does not use synthetic fillers and toxic emulsifiers in the ingredients. The less listed ingredients, the better for the body.

Lasting, natural beauty is the essence of bright, glowing skin that starts internally with proper nutrition and exercise. Lifestyle choices and stress management play a vital role in clear skin.

Purequosa supports clean beauty by providing healthy products and offering educational information for conscious decisions.

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