Meet the Plant Clary Sage - Recipes

Meet the Plant Clary Sage - Recipes

We end our Clary sage series with some practical recipes that you can make at home. We have learned that Clary sage is sometimes referred to as a "women's herb" because of the grounding, relaxing effect it has on a women's emotional and menstrual functions. It provides comfort and ease and can even cool hot flashes by simply inhaling the essential oil.

Enjoy these recipes for skin care.

Clary Sage Recipes
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We use 5 ingredients in our Rain spray with no fillers and synthetic preservatives. Colloidal Silver, Plant hydrosols, and essential oils, nothing more.

Aloe Hydrosol – Burn and acne relief.
Tea Tree Hydrosol – Antibacterial and rash relief.
Cucumber Hydrosol – Softens skin and helps heal wounds and sunburns.
Clary Sage Essential Oil – Antibacterial, deodorizing, and skin moisturizing and healing.

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