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Back to school skin care tips

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Back to school is here, and the fall season around the corner. Summer is over, temperatures are cooling, and different busy starts - what can this do to the skin?

Here are a few helpful skin care tips for the household - all ages.
Heaters and cooler weather can dry and cause cracking in the skin. Bacteria causes flare-ups and busy after school schedules can create less time for daytime skin care. Purequosa (PQ) offers a chemical free way to cleanse the skin, in particular for teenagers.

Start with the bed -
Washing bed linens frequently are necessary. Pillow cases can harvest bacteria and should be cleaned weekly. For the in-between times, try spraying a daily spritz of PQ, especially on pillow cases to stop bacteria growth and refresh.

Keeping hands down -
Touching the face or talking on the cell phone can keep bacteria lingering. Try a light spray of PQ during the day on the face and hands to stop bacteria growth; cool and cleanse the skin, and ladies, it can even reset makeup mid-day.

Morning yoga or workout/sports practice -
Sweat and increased oil can leave bacteria on the skin, creating odor and breakouts. Spraying PQ liberally on the face and body can stop odor, refresh and hydrate the skin until getting home to shower.

Try cleaning personal care items -
Makeup brushes are another place where bacteria hide. Try washing your brushes with PQ to remove dirt, oil, and bacteria.

Purequosa has unlimited uses. With the active ingredient of colloidal silver, bacteria doesn't have a chance of spreading.

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