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A look into Rain

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Purequosa's Rain

Purequosa's Rain: Water and the Divine Origin of Life

Close your eyes and imagine the smell of rain falling through the trees. The smell is clean, the source for abundant life calling you to bathe in the healing rainfall.

Rain offers the mindset of rest, comfort, reconnection, and exploration.

Rain is clean and uplifting for the mind, body, and soul. If there were a scent for returning to our beginnings, this would be it. Rain embraces the subtle scent of remote areas that have been untouched by humanity.
PQ's Rain is an ideal companion for extended road trips and day adventures into the backcountry. Hikers, bouldering addicts, and mountain bikers can benefit from the healing plant properties. Cuts, insect bites, skin irritations and bruises will find aid with the formulation of colloidal silver, tea tree, cucumber, aloe vera and clary sage.

The Eucalyptus in PQ's Rain scent calms the skin and aids in lowering the bodies temperature on hot and humid days. Liberally spray throughout the day to hydrate and refresh your skin.

Simple, pure, healthy ingredients for the skin.
That is our promise.

Purequosa believes in living consciously and creating products that are beneficial to the skin and general health. PQ uses ingredients with no unnecessary fillers or synthetic preservatives.

Rain blends the hydrosols of aloe, cucumber, and tea tree with clary sage essential oil and colloidal silver.

Aloe Hydrosol – Burn and acne relief.
Cucumber Hydrosol – Softens skin and helps heal wounds, scratches, and sunburns.
Tea Tree Hydrosol – Antibacterial and rash relief.
Clary Sage Essential Oil – Antibacterial, deodorizing, and skin moisturizing and healing.
Colloidal Silver - Organic antibacterial
Purequosa's Rain

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