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A look into Coastal.

Behind the Inspiration.

Purequoa's Coastal

Close your eyes and imagine the smell of salt and sage rising through the air. The gentle breeze feels cool and refreshing as you gaze upon the wide stretches of pure white sand. The water gently creates a smooth path to relaxation.  

Coastal is where the ocean meets the air. Sage, native to southern California, can be found all along the coast. Purequosa is lucky to have an abundance of sage nestled just around the corner. Trestles Beach located in San Clemente, CA  is a favorite for surfers and botanists alike. Trestles Beach is where Sage meets the sand and the birthplace for Purequosa’s Coastal.

A look into Coastal.

The smell of Coastal is clean and uplifting. If there were a scent for the beach and surf culture in San Clemente, this would be it. Coastal embraces the cool ocean breeze as it evokes memories of long summer days and colorful sunsets.

Purequosa's Coastal is an ideal companion for beach days. Dryness from the saltwater and sand can leave the body craving for pure water and nutrientsLiberally spray throughout the day to hydrate and refresh your skin. Coastal will keep you feeling fresh and cool.

Simple, pure, healthy ingredients for the skin.
That is our promise.

Purequosa believes in living consciously and creating products that are beneficial to the skin and general health. Purequosa uses pure ingredients with no added fillers or synthetic preservatives. Colloidal silver, plant hydrosols, and essential oils, nothing more.

Coastal blends yucca, aloe and eucalyptus hydrosols with sage essential oil and colloidal silver.
Yucca Hydrosol – known to heal wounds and prevents skin damage
Eucalyptus Hydrosol – referred to as an antibacterial and deodorizing agent
Aloe Hydrosol – universally used for burns and acne relief
Sage Essential Oil – known for its disinfectant and restorative skin properties
Purequosa's Coastal

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