3 tips to rejuvenate and restore your home this spring

3 tips to rejuvenate and restore your home this spring

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March is the month that brings change and feelings of renewal, rejuvenation and restoring of the mind, body, and spirit. With the energy of spring near, it is a perfect time to prepare our homes for the season change.

Here are three tips Purequosa created to welcome spring into your homes and active routines.

1. Clear out and clean.
Stale air and dirty corners in a room can be a mood killer. Welcome spring with a good cleaning of the floors, corners, and surfaces. A bundle of dried sage can be burned for energy clearing of stagnant rooms. Tip – Instead of burning dried sage, try Purequosa’s Coastal organic cleansing spray – it is made with sage essential oil. You will get the benefits of the clearing properties of sage without the smoke.
Clean Out old furniture, pillows, or heavier items that are brought in for the winter months. Donating furniture, pillows, sheets and other items is a great way to help others and lighten up!

Freshen the air and surfaces in your home or office with a spray of Purequosa’s Coastal or Rain organic cleansing spray. The anti-bacterial properties of colloidal silver can freshen up any room. Our exclusive scents can also be used as mood lifters! Using pure natural plant hydrosols and Colloidal Silver are a safe way to bring the fresh feeling of spring into your home or office.

2. Add some new plants to a room.
Here are a few of the Purequosa’s favorite plants and how they can be practical in your everyday life with cooking, healing and cleaning the air.

Aloe Vera – Referred to as “the plant of immortality” by the ancient Egyptians. Aloe is great for healing cuts, promoting collagen in the skin, and looks lovely on a table or window sill. This plant is easy to take care of and requires little water. Check out the articles at www.purequosa.com for a full view of how important this plant is.

Sage – Great for many uses from cooking to burning the leaves to keep bugs away outside. Sage makes a refreshing cup of tea with or without a spoonful of honey. This plant with its fuzzy leaves thrive indoors and typically Blossoms in the Fall. Did you know that sage symbolizes immortality, wisdom, and wishes in many native cultures?

Lemon Balm – This sweet, green leafy plant is known as a calming herb that helps boost memory, promotes alertness and is known to protect cells from free radical damage. Lemon balm has a delicate lemony taste. Snip a leaf, add it to a smoothie, sprinkle on your chicken or infuse vinegar to create a salad dressing.

3. Keep your household products clean and safe for your skin.
Many soaps and products on the market today can dehydrate your skin and have harsh chemical fillers that can damage your general health. Purequosa is a natural product that can be used to:

  • Spray yourself liberally after a light workout or just to cool off. You will feel fresh, and your skin will thank you.
  • Use to clean off counters, gym equipment, helmets, and shoes.
  • A perfect on-the-go solution when camping, running errands and when you need to freshen up quickly and keep moving. Ideal for road trips, camping, beach days and summer outings. Did we mention – Rain and Coastal have aloe which cools the skin and helps with sunburns.
Purequosa is a natural cleansing product that was created to neutralize odor and help keep an active person moving and feeling fresh. The powerful anti-bacterial properties of colloidal silver allow a person to go confidentially from a light workout to work. Purequosa is a solution for naturally cleansing yourself and the environment around you.

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