• Keep your skin youthful and nourished this fall

    Keep your skin youthful and nourished this fall

    3 minute read | The fall season has arrived, and the temps are dropping, or if you live in California, we are experiencing higher temps of 80 degrees. Our skin could use some recovery time from the summer heat and extra nourishment for the transition into winter. We know three plant helpers that can hydrate, recover, and nourish the skin during this seasonal shift. They are easy to find, simple to use, and can provide you with glowing skin that will last through the holidays. Lavender -The beautiful and pungent purple plant that has been used since ancient Egyptian times...

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  • small changes = big rewards

    small changes = big rewards

    2 minutes read |Everyone in the wellness community is talking about clean beauty, gut health, and how yoga can help create meaningful space in our daily life. We have heard that lasting beauty comes from below the skin layer and that aging can be slowed to a crawl if we eat the right foods and add the right supplements.There is an upshift in holistic awareness in the modern marketplace. Each year the release of new information about the toxicity in our food and beauty products; retail stores are including significant areas in their aisles for organic and chemical-free products. Some...

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  • Five easy ways to use tea tree oil (Your skin will thank you)

    Five easy ways to use tea tree oil (Your skin will thank you)

    1. Acne, psoriasis, and eczema treatmentTea tree oil has been known to help relieve skin inflammation, including conditions like eczema. Try using a nightly face oil by mixing one teaspoon coconut oil and three drops of tea tree oil.2. Toenail fungus and ringworm treatmentTea tree oil has a reputation for treating parasites and fungal infections naturally. Ideal for spot treatment for nail fungus. Treat with drops of tea tree oil directly on a cotton swab. For on-the-go treatment - use PQ's Rain cleansing spray with tea tree!3. Natural deodorant Tea tree oil has properties that can help control bacteria on the skin which causes...

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  • Meet the plant sage - skin health

    Meet the plant sage - skin health

    We learned that the sage plant or common sage is a plant with many benefits when taken internally and externally. Sage is rich in beta-carotene; the compound that helps promote eye health, and responsible for the color pigment in carrots. Sage has been known to improve depression and increase mental alertness. Sage has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries as a treatment for dementia.Sage leaves are burned and used in Native American and Shamanic ceremonies for purification and the cleansing of negative energy. Today, Sage is commonly used in meditation rituals and in yoga studios to promote relaxation and...

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  • Love your skin this FALL

    Love your skin this FALL

    3.5 minutes read | Temps are lowering and the energy of the new season is in the air...finally. Fall is a beautiful time of year, filled with transition, harvesting of crops for storage, gathering supplies for the colder months of winter and the return of the beloved PSL (pumpkin spice latte) at every coffee shop in town. Apples, pumpkins, spiced cider, and the welcoming of ghouls and goblins is around the corner. Fall is an exciting time of the year and the entrance to the holiday season.Here are some tips for keeping skin hydrated and glowing when heaters turn on...

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  • Combating energy lows - naturally

    Combating energy lows - naturally

    1.5 minutes read |It's the beginning of the week, and the second cup of coffee is looking good around 11 am, and a third at 3 pm. What to do when energy is low and limiting caffeine is a goal? Try aromatherapy!  Purequosa's active body sprays are more than body sprays for active people to stay odor free in the day, they are uplifting and an experience in a bottle. 1. Purequosa's AS FREE SPIRITED AS YOU ARE body spray with cedarwood essential oilThis unique body spray can help restore the body and stimulate mental uplift when feeling stuck. Ingredients like cistus...

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