Purequosa was born out of the desire to raise the standards on clean everyday products. We skipped the additives and harsh chemicals because your body and your dog deserve better. Purequosa makes truly clean, all-natural colloidal silver products for everyone, everywhere.

Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is made from 99.99% pure silver through a process in which tiny ions of silver are suspended in purified distilled water. When applied to the skin, these nanometers attach themselves to the proteins on bacteria, suffocating them and therefore neutralizing the odor.

Our silver contains over 30PPM.

The Pits+ Collection

Because body odor totally stinks... A natural deodorizing body spray, for everyone. Crafted from the odor fighting power of colloidal silver, plant hydrodols and essential oils.

Our Pits+ collection will leave your pits, privates, and everywhere in-between feeling fresh, nourished, and most importantly odor free.

our ingredients


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