Truly Natural, Truly Amazing

At purequosa we hand-source clean, purposeful, and organic ingredients -          because we believe that your body is your temple, your best friend is the best and the Earth is your stomping ground.

Pits + Privates

A natural deodorizer for the modern woman, in two uplifting scents, Grapefruit + Orange and Lemon Tea Tree + Sage


purequosa for your dog

Introducing Clean Coat. Hand-crafted from the same feel good, natural ingredients as purequosa for humans, Clean Coat will leave your dog feeling fresh and ready to snuggle. Clean Coat comes in two formulations, Orange Sage and Lavender Lemongrass.

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(Orange Sage pictured.)


High standards, low odors

A natural deodorizing body spray, for everyone.

Hand-crafted from the odor fighting power of colloidal silver and essential oils. Whether you're workout bound or between daily activities, our Pits+ collection will leave your pits, privates, and everywhere in-between feeling fresh, nourished, and most importantly odor free.

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Dudes, you smell too.

Spritz your pits + package with some colloidal silver and cedarwood for a non-toxic and healthy way to stop the odor and bacteria.

Your partner will thank you.. (wink, wink)

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