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Purequosa press

Shower on-the-go 

Purequosa (PQ) offers an easy way to stay fresh when busy

how to use pq cleansing body spray

Spray and go!

Spray from your temple to toes; cool your face, clean your pits, and refresh your unmentionables.
Stay fresh when traveling and will leave your skin, body, and mind balanced and restored.

Feel cool, refreshed and watch odor fade away.

learn about healthy ingredients, natural skincare, and colloidal silver

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This stuff is AMAZING!!!! I confess, I was a bit skeptical, but after wild camping in Newfoundland for a week, I think Purequosa is a tank-bag must-have for every ADV rider :) - Egle

- - - 

" I really like the scent of Rain, the feel of it on my skin, and I did notice a difference with no odor." - Jeri

- - - 

"I absolutely wound up LOVING this stuff. I can't believe how good I smell in between classes and it makes my skin feel sodivine!!  Also there aren't any strong fragrances. Which is important as I am in close contact as a Pilates and fitness instructor and heavy scents can overwhelm some sensitive noses. I've noticed less acne too!" - Jessi

- - - 

When I learned that Purequosa was supposed to be a "shower supplement" of sorts, I was interested. I go to MixxYoga, which does not have a shower, but that does not bother me anymore. I spray with Purequosa before I take the class, and then afterward. And I am able to go back to work without being stinky. It totally solves a problem that I have, and I find myself using it in other ways too. Like spraying down my steering wheel. And giving a few sprays to the face when I feel 3 pm approaching and I want a coffee or Redbull but know I shouldn't have one. So long story short, my initial "Huh" has turned into wanting to share this product with my friends and family."  - Ryan