Truly Natural, Truly Amazing

Our mission is to sustainably produce all-natural deodorizing body products

made out of love with you and your body in mind.

Fresh outta yoga? You can smell good ALL the time.

Stop odor in those in-between moments of your day. Don't let odor be a mood... or a date buster.

Colloidal silver suffocates odor causing-bacteria as it drys on your skin, which leaves you feeling refreshed and confident.

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You killed it in that spin class, well done -

but now you stink -- no problem, we've got you covered.


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That moment when you think "what is that smell" then you realize it's you. Don't get caught being smelly in those #inbetween moments of the day. Purequosa yourself.

Dudes, you smell too.

Blast your Pits + Package with some colloidal silver and cedarwood for a non-toxic and healthy way to stop the odor and bacteria.

Your partner will thank you.. (wink, wink)

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