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This stuff is AMAZING!!!! I confess, I was a bit skeptical, but after wild camping in Newfoundland for a week, I think Purequosa is a tank-bag must-have for every ADV rider :) - Egle

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" I really like the scent of Rain, the feel of it on my skin, and I did notice a difference with no odor." - Jeri

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"I absolutely wound up LOVING this stuff. I can't believe how good I smell in between classes and it makes my skin feel sodivine!!  Also there aren't any strong fragrances. Which is important as I am in close contact as a Pilates and fitness instructor and heavy scents can overwhelm some sensitive noses. I've noticed less acne too!" - Jessi

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"I have enjoyed reading articles and recently bought the "shower in a bottle product" Purequosa and really like it! I haven't used it on a motorcycle trip yet but did use it while vanning it on a trip a couple weeks ago. This will be a regular guest in my backpack for camping and when traveling for sure. By the way what sold me was one of the ingredients used in the product-Colloidal Silver. I have been a fan of this and have used in my regular health regiment for many years. So it made perfect sense to me." - Jenny

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When I learned that Purequosa was supposed to be a "shower supplement" of sorts, I was interested. I go to MixxYoga, which does not have a shower, but that does not bother me anymore. I spray with Purequosa before I take the class, and then afterward. And I am able to go back to work without being stinky. It totally solves a problem that I have, and I find myself using it in other ways too. Like spraying down my steering wheel. And giving a few sprays to the face when I feel 3 pm approaching and I want a coffee or Redbull but know I shouldn't have one. So long story short, my initial "Huh" has turned into wanting to share this product with my friends and family."  - Ryan