Movin' Livin' Smellin' Good


Purequosa is every day, take everywhere body spray using organic ingredients to combat odor on the skin.



Spray your smelly spots as needed throughout the day. 

Toss a bottle in your purse, gym bag, backpack or pocket. 

Shower on-the-go gives you the confidence to keep moving. 

Purequosa press

active and healthy living with PQ

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Just wanted to thank you for selling such a great product locally here in SC.  I initially tried in at Barre 3 San Clemente, and I have since purchased the Shower on the Go product. I have an autoimmune condition that disallows me from using most body products, as most contribute to levels of inflammation.  However, I am enjoying being able to use Shower on the Go regularly. Thank you for making my life a bit easier and happier.

With much gratitude, - Teresa

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This stuff is AMAZING!!!! I confess, I was a bit skeptical, but after wild camping in Newfoundland for a week, I think Purequosa is a tank-bag must-have for every ADV rider :) - Egle

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"I absolutely wound up LOVING this stuff. I can't believe how good I smell in between classes and it makes my skin feel so divine!!  Also there aren't any strong fragrances. Which is important as I am in close contact as a Pilates and fitness instructor and heavy scents can overwhelm some sensitive noses. I've noticed less acne too!" - Jessi